Bob AdamsBob Adams is the host of “Break Free Radio” and a business tax professional for nearly 30 years.  He was one of the initial test sites for electronic filing in his state, as well as a featured speaker for the IRS on regional, and national circuits. Having done thousands of business tax returns, he is very keenly aware of the importance of tax strategies and implementing ideas to meet his clients immediate and future plans.  He has authored several CD;s relating to tax strategies for the small business owners that have been marketed worldwide.

WHAT COUNT$ is his most recent contribution to the world of business taxes. This simplified template record keeping system includes the three greatest tax strategies for most business owners, as well as links for mileage, education, printable support documents, and year end summary that makes taxes easy and BULLET PROOF in case of an audit.
In addition to taxes, Bob is a facilitator for life changing self awareness seminars.  He has taught and assisted thousands in reconnecting with themselves, their dreams, and freeing them from the self condemning thoughts that prevent access to the joy we really are.  His ways of teaching can be as gentle as a question, or as earth shaking as several days of intense, and experiential trainings.
He has included these principles of discovery in the world of taxes, which truly does make him unique.  A bean counter with an open mind and a loving heart.

BradPicBrad McKinney is the Co-Host of Break Free Radio, and the technical advisor for the show. He has spent the last 6 years designing, building, and marketing internet based businesses. He is passionate about helping small business owners maximize their marketing, and growing their footprint in the world.

He met Bob Adams on his own personal discovery journey, and is delighted to work with Bob on this project.

Watch out for some of the projects Brad is working on, they are going to really bring your business to the next level. He is a wonderful coach, and strives to help people better their situation through coaching and understanding.

“Everyone needs a coach, let Bob and I help you see your dream, and then go after it.” Brad

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