August 17 Bob and Tony discuss the Viet Nam Dong, Iraqi Dinar, Demographics, and Donald Trump

August 17th. Bob and Tony answer some questions from listeners regarding the 2 cent Dong prospective, IQD and the IMF loans, how demographics are forcing nations to mold their economic powers through competition, and lastly about our own elections and the power of Donald Trump in representing the nations interest.

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  1. MARLA STRUYK says:

    I ALWAYS find what you and Tony discuss so interesting and so encouraging. We all have things we excel in and you and Tony are such encouragers. The length of time this whole Dinar investment is taking is sometimes discouraging even though we know their goal of revaluation. Just wanted to say thank you for caring and helping all of us to not lose heart. Also I totally see the effort the media puts into trying to manipulate us. But because of you and Tony what is said, doesn’t flap me any more. I like to tell what Tony said when China’s money was going down. The news was so inflammatory, but Tony said, that is what China wants and I knew he was right. Now so much of the news is so laughable.

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