The FINAL WORD on the Iraqi Dinar. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN, so just RELAX! Tony Elder, (Breitling)

FINALLY, a lay it all out there conversation about the Iraqi Dinar with Tony Elder. Let the roller coaster ride end NOW. You have bought your ticket for the eventual reward of the changing value so JUST LET GO of all the mindless nonsense that permeates the so called “guru” world and focus on other opportunities. THE BEST PRESENTATION YET REGARDING THE IRAQI DINAR!
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  1. Shannon McGurk says:

    A refreshingly common-sense discussion of the IQD.

  2. Ken Sankar says:

    Wants more info. on C.R.T. accounts

    • says:

      You can contact Alden Tueller at 801-802-8932.


      Bob Adams

  3. Tim Todd says:

    Please add me to your mailers an updates.Thank you

    • Brad McKinney says:


      I don’t have a list of listeners, but you can get a free membership at and be notified of not just these presentations, but others of great significance. See ya there.

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